Should You Be A Minimalist?

Sure, after you can answer these 3 questions.

The first question for you is, what does being a minimalist look like for you?

Most people do things without first clarify the what. What is the end result of doing or being whatever you want?

Define it first before taking further steps and end up with wasting your time, attention, energy, perhaps money but get nothing in return.

Everybod see things differently. How I see minimalism and be a minimalist maybe different with other people. 

Because we are all have our own situations and circumtances. And don't forget about our values.

Hence, it will be wise if the first thing you do is to understand what is being a minimalist for you.

Is it about owning less stuff, less clutter, or with more meaning and contribution to other people's life as you already have less that holds you back.

Whatever it is, one thing I can share to you is, being minimalist is not the end. It simply the beginning of your new deliberate life.

If you have define the what, you can continue by asking the second question, why would you become a minimalist.

Knowing the what, gives you clear direction on a path you choose to take. But, understanding the reason why you do what you do, will give you the energy to start your journey.

It also allows you to stay aware whether you still on track or not. Because, it is easy to get drown with some routine (i.e. if you are developing new habits) and forget the essential part: why we do this on the first place.

Understand the why, maintain your awareness and keeping yourself stay in the right track.

You could also find another whys along the way. But having one to start the journey is not a bad idea.

The last but not the least is to understand how to get there.

You see, there are many ways to get to Rome. But, there is only one Rome.

There are some ways you can try in your journey into the minimalism. Some of the most popular ways like 30 Days Minimalism Game or Project 333 are nice one to start with.
So, pick whatever suits you the best. No matter how you want to start, I personally suggest you these:
  1. Starts small
  2. Starts with your self
  3. Starts now

I hope you can answer those 3 simple questions clearly, and find this journey worth your time.

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