Simplify The Creative Process

What is the worst enemy of creativity?

For me, the answer is time. And to make it more scary, we name it deadline.

As creatives, I want to craft every of my work to the best it could be. I want it to be outstanding and helpful. And above all, gives me self satisfaction of creating only the best.

However, crafting a masterpiece takes time which I don't have.

Or do I?

What so different between me and other creatives who can create more? Are they have more time than me? More than 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 52 weeks per year?

They might smarter, but they have the same amount of time as I do.

So if the time is not the problem, maybe the creative process is.

I had once been critized as too slow in delivering a result. And it was because I put too many unecesaary creativity into. It's like asking a mineral water to deal with thirst after 5 Km run, but forced to wait 30 minutes longer because the bottle need to be painted first.

The question is, why would the bottle need to be painted? The runner only asked for a water. He didn't care how the bottle looks like.

Most of time when it comes to creativity, that is what I do. I am over creative because I forget one tiny simple thing, the essential.

Of course there is nothing wrong to beautify things, but only if it has filled the basic and it can add values to those who receive it.

Take it simple. Understand the basic before adding too much creativity that doesn't add values.

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  1. ... sounds like my self :)

    Kindly allow to remind my self while I am remember...

    Three tips, which is:



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