Designing A Simple Life

Lesson learned from Marie Kondo.

I currently read a great book from author Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I haven't finished it yet, but even thought I believe this book could change my life, and possibly yours too.

After took a decision to be a minimalist, I had read plenty of blogs, articles, watching Youtube, and listened podcasts about minimalism and simple living.

And as many other new kids on the block in this so called minimalism, I believe that first thing to do to be a minimalist is to get rid of material possession as many as possible.

Decluttering, that's how they called it.

There were plenty of minimalist who are very proud to show how clean and tidy their living room after decluttering. But, was minimalism only about decluttering? 

I don't mean to be sceptical or cynical about tidying up your room. I just questioning if it was the main idea of minimalism?

Then, I read this wonderful book and found the idea about designing your life.

Decluterring is indeed important thing when it comes to minimalism. But it's not the end goal. 

The purpose of decluttering is simply clearing the excess that cramming our life. It aim to create space we need to live more happy, contributive, and meaningful. That's what we need to aim by decluttering our stuff.

So what is the more happy, contributive, meaningful life is about? The answer for this question could be vary among people. Simply because, we're all have our own way to perceive our ideal life.

This is what Marie taught me in her book.

In her method of tidying up, first thing she asked to her clients are to picture their ideal life they want to live with. In this stage, she encourage people to design their own life style. One thing that is forgotten by many who wishes to start simplify their life.

Having clear picture of what kind of life you want to live will helps you to stay aware whether you are still or off the track of your version of simple living.

It also helps you to decide which stuff you want to keep and which should be removed.

Afterall, decluttering is not about getting rid of everything, but to choose which one to stay.

So, before you start take decluttering wrong, I suggest you to design your life style first. After that, ask yourself, why you want to design it that way? 

Knowing the what and the why will helps you maintain consistency in your journey toward simple living.

Now, have you designed your ideal life?

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