3 Things You Can Do After Making Mistakes

We all make mistakes... .

It's part of our nature and what makes us human. But, as human being we also have another nature called learn from mistake.

Making mistake is inevitable, but there is something we can do after making one. In this post, I'll share 3 things you can do after making a mistake.

1. Accept

As I mentioned earlier, making mistake is our nature. So why don't start to accept it?

Not only accept it as our nature, but also accept the mistake.

Be brave to accept the fact that you just made a mistake. Don't waste your time and energy to find excuses or worse, someone to blame.

If you're a man, be a man enough to tell yourself that you are the one who responsible for mistake you just made. If you're a woman, be a woman enough.

2. Act

Accepting that mistakes happened was your responsibility is one thing. But, unfortunately it mustn't just finish there.

You have to do something to fix it. Take the accountability to clean up the mess you made. Don't let other people do it for you.

You can ask for help, but still, the responsibility is on your shoulder.

3. Anticipate

We can only make mistake once, the second one is our choice.

As we have discussed earlier that making mistake is our nature, and so does learn from it. Why bother fall into the same hole twice?

Life is short, make los of mistake and learn from it. Don't repeat the same mistake over and over again. Because you have another mistake you need to try.

To put it simply, forget the past but remember the lesson. What would you do if you make mistake?

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