Minimal Apps

I have two kind of apps installed in my phone. 

First, the default apps. As it's named, these apps had been installed from the first day I got my phone. These apps are uninstallable.

I could find way to uninstall it, but considering the effort and risks, I decided to keep these apps.

Second one, are the added value apps. These kind of apps are installed intentionally because it add values to me.

Writer Plus and Whatsapp are the added values apps for me, currently.

Social Media

As blogger, I use social media to share or promote my latest blog post to public.

However, I don't install the social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Instead, I use Google Chrome (browser) and bookmark the social media address.

For me, it is more convinient and also leave enough spaces in my phone storage.

How about you? How many apps do you have in your phone? How much values you got from having those apps?

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