Sharing Is Caring...

sharing is caring

Only when you care enough with what you share about or who are you sharing with. 

We live in an age where information comes and goes in the blink of the eye. It's super fast we no longer have enough time to simply stop and think thoroughly about it.

Think about its accuracy nor the suitability to share it with the whole world.

Everyone shares everything. As if we are racing with time. Those who share first are the champion. And of course, we are tempted to join the race, to be the first who share the news. Disregarding if it's true or not.

The only thing that matters is we share it first.

But does it really matters? I mean, if you're the 3rd person who shares the news, does it makes you feel inadequate? 

Today, I just got a "scary" message. I knew that the sender didn't have a bad intention when sharing it. But you know what, after seeing through his message, I feel sick. I lost my appetite and my head is spinning around. I become more stressed than I was.

I believe I'm not the only person had this experience. So, why not, from now on and onward, we put more care when sharing anything. At the very least, be more careful of whom we are sharing. As not everyone can stand with the scary message as you.

Put more care for everything we share. 

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